4 Channel or 8 Channel CCTV starter kits. 


Additional IP CCTV, 16 CH or 32 CH NVR. 


All video management solutions allow both local and remote management, with interchange between different systems.

Installation is quick and easy: the entire system is wired using a UTP cable, and the existing network infrastructure can be used.

The IP technology presents the great advantage to ensure superior image quality, ideal for any common residential installation and also for high-risk or sensitive areas. 

An IP system has the great advantage to be scalable and expanded in size and devices at any time. If new security needs arise, new cameras and new recording and storage devices can be added. The system does not need additional cables but can be connected to the nearest network node.

                                     MAIN FEATURES

  • Wide range of cameras with 1080P resolution and 5M pixels dual codec H.264/H.265, included the special Fish Eye cameras that allow a 360° view of the rooms 

  • Cameras with manual and motorised lens

  • PoE power supply

  • Simplified configuration

  • Smart Video Analysis

  • P2P and DDNS functions

  • Control via app

  • UVS software for system management

  • System scalability

  • ONVIF.


iUVS plus is the app for iOS® and Android® devices that allows the final user to access the video streams present in the system, from smartphone and tablet. URMET iUVS plus app is compatible with all Urmet video surveillance devices, with transmission on AHD coaxial cable and IP systems. 

App iUVS plus:

  • Multi-channel Audio/video Live Stream 

  • Multi-channel remote Playback and instant playback

  • Custom configuration of each video stream

  • Support for multiple devices

  • Snapshot and video capture

  • Videos sharing on remote social/drive and personal cloud

  • PTZ function

  • Also available in iPAD and Android tablet version.

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