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Your Smartphone Becomes Your Key

SCLAK is a secure access control system that includes an electronic
device and a smartphone app that allows you to integrate
all your electronic locks into a simple and secure system.

SCLAK & Airbnb

No more key management problems! SCLAK integrates seamlessly into your Airbnb booking system so you can send and manage pre-programmed digital keys to your guests and service staff.



Cloud Managed IP Access Control System

Functional without Internet or Mains Power

iPassan is a UL293 certified, cloud-based IP Access Control system,

iPassan is programmed & managed by our free management software ‘IPassan Manager’, which can be accessed for free on the cloud or installed onsite.

iPassan is especially suited for small boutique accomodations and short let management.

With iPassan Manager you can configure the entire acesss control system, from core features such as user access profiles, to advanced features such as lift destination control, with no hidden fees or upgrades.

Multiple authentication options such as proximty, pin code, qrcode, bluetooth, rf remote and more...



Easy Door Controllers

Standalone Access Control Systems

Simple to install. Simple to Manage

Ideal for any small-medium sized residential project, our Easy Door Dontrollers provide a flexible, cost-effective access control solution.

Easy door systems may be integrated seamlessly into any Intercom.

Many credential options to choose from:
Proximty Card or Key
RF Remote Controls
Numeric PIN

Contact us for more information.



Lift Management

Access Control Systems for Lifts

About Lift Management

Lift management consists of linking the access control system to the building’s elevators.Lift management linked to access control aims to restrict access to one or more elevators as well as to specific floors: depending on his role, the user only really needs to go to certain floors of the building and to the common areas.

These tools allow, in addition to the access control function, to reinforce the security of the building by restricting and defining user access beforehand.

Contact us for more information.


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