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IP CCTV Systems

Crystal Clear Video & Audio in all Conditions

A wide range of products that can be constantly updated and integrated as the system's use requirements change. A wide choice of devices ideal for building systems with a medium or high level of complexity both residential or commercial

All video management solutions allow both local and remote management. No need for fixed IP or Complex port forwarding. Simply scan a barcode and view your cameras in a few moments

Installation is quick and easy: the entire system is wired using a UTP cable, and the existing network infrastructure can be used.

The IP technology presents the great advantage to ensure superior image quality, ideal for any common residential installation and also for high-risk or sensitive areas. 

IP CCTV systems have the advantage of being scalable and may therfore be expanded in size and devices at any time. If a new security needs arises, new cameras and new recording along with storage devices can be added. The system does not need additional cables but can be connected to the nearest network node.



AHD CCTV Systems

Analogue High Definition CCTV

AHD means analogue high definition and identifies a technology based on high definition video transmission through coaxial cable.  This technology is especially suited in situation where EXISTING analog cctv cables may not be replaced. 

Urmet AHD CCTV products are the ideal solution to cost effectively upgrade your existing out dated cctv system with minimal expense by utilising existing coaxial cabling.

The Urmet AHD range is suitable for all applications; you can use a single software platform and a single app for management and supervision; the range also includes hybrid DVRs to simultaneously manage analogue videos and AHD streams across the network.

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